When school is closed,Southlake Baseball Academy Diamond Camp is the perfect way for

players ages 4 – 12 to play on an off-day!


Warm up drills, position specific instruction followed by an in-cage game fills a perfect day off from reading, writing and arithmetic.


Diamond Camp Single Days:


Election Day 
Thanksgiving Wednesday 
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 
President’s Day
Good Friday/Passover 
Anniversary Day

Columbus Day 
Veteran’s Day
New Year’s Eve Day
Lunar New Year
Faculty Professional Day
Clerical Day


Diamond Camp Weeks:


Winter Vacation One 
Spring Break One 
Spring Recess 

Mid-Winter Recess 
Spring Break Two 



4-7 Year Old

8-12 Year Old


Half Days - 9:00-1:00 pm

Full Days - 9:00-3:00 pm



$100/Half Day

$150/Full Day

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