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We have 12 tunnels that include L-Screens, Hitting Tees, and Balls.  Our 70 ft. tunnels are also equipped with pitching mounds. The easiest way to book is to download our app at the App Store or Google Play.  See the diagram to know which tunnels to book. 

*Tunnels #1-4: Hitting (55 ft.)
(Please call  (817) 912-1552 to reserve the infield)
*Tunnel #5:  Hitting (65 ft) 
*Tunnels #6-8:  Hitting (65 ft)
*Tunnel #9:  Pitching ONLY (70 ft)
*Tunnels #10-11:  Pitching/Hitting (70 ft)
*Tunnel #12:  Pitching ONLY (70 ft)

Tunnel Rental Pricing
30 min:  $25.00      60 min:  $40.00   
 90 min:  $65.00     120 min: $80.00

*(24-hour cancellation notice required)
*Please don't schedule tunnels via voicemail.
*Call (817) 912-1552 or download our App
Tunnel Rental.tiff
** Cancellations require a 24 hour notice for any reason including weather.
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