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                       Based on tunnel availability
     *Tunnels #6-8:  IRON MIKE Pitching Machine
  • The Iron Mike pitching machine are the favorite machines of professional players
          & coaches worldwide largely in part because of its arm style pitching.
                                                   (Hitting Tunnel s #6-8)
     *Tunnels #9-11:  JR. HACK ATTACK Pitching Machine
        The Junior Hack Attack has a unique three-wheel design that allows you to see
        the ball clearly and fully all the way through the feeding motion,
              acceleration and release, just like a live pitcher. 
                                             (Available upon request)
                        Our machines use real Kevlar laced baseballs

                  Machine Rental Pricing
              30 min: $45.00      1 hour: $80.00      
                        *(24-hour cancellation notice required)
               *Please don't schedule tunnels via voicemail.
                   *Call (817) 912-1552 or download our App
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